The Chairlift

A revolutionary new product in the incline lift industry

The Chairlift

At only 24″ wide, its innovative technology quite possibly makes it the most compact unit today.

Complete with all of the quality, reliability, and safety features of a full size elevator, THE CHAIRLIFT will fit in most places that others cannot, reducing the impact on both your space and budget.

Its customizable construction can be installed virtually anywhere outdoor lifting is needed.

Built of strong, weather resistant materials, this unit will work smoothly for many years with minimal maintenance. THE CHAIRLIFT is proudly made in the USA.

Brand New 36″ Chairlift

Hot off the assembly line! Our newest Chairlift. This 36″ seat will fit 2 normal size adults side by side and sits on a 24″ rail. The 36X34 1/2 Cargo platform can be used to move your toys, coolers or most other cargo effortlessly. With 600 lbs. capacity you can lift 2 passengers and your cargo up and down from your home to the beach with no worries.

No more huffing and puffing up and down all those stairs.
Don’t risk injury climbing that hillside or bluff.


Some of our work hot off the assembly line

Some of our work

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