Incline Elevators

Professionally designed to meet your needs

Incline elevators or trams

Marine Innovations produces the only engineered incline elevator in the industry. It is professionally designed in house, to meet your site, terrain, elevation, needs, and desires.

When considering a tram make sure you research the competition and study the specs carefully so you know what you are paying for.  Compare the gauge of steel, the type of drive system, the safeties and braking system, the electrical panel, the type of construction, and installation. These can be quite different from one company to another AND can make a world of difference in comfort and longevity. Don’t you want the best system that your money can buy?

Marine Innovations uses 2’ galvanized SS30 or SS40 pipe for your footing system which is a high alloy steel and is the best in the industry. Your pipe will be driven at least 7 to 10 feet down with a hydraulic pounder.  Many companies use only powder-coated thin wall tubing for their footing system and hand dig or auger them a few feet in the ground.  Powder-coated pipe will rust from the inside out regardless of using tube caps.

The hillside rail system is made of 2”x3” galvanized 11 gauge enclosed tubing.  We do not use a c-channel rail system since it allows for debris to build up inside the track.

Marine Innovations specializes in both traction drive and drum drive systems.  Each is used in specific applications to increase efficiency.