Stairways, Decks & Walkways

Top Quality, Modular Design, Maintenance Free & Durable

Stairways, Decks and Walkways

Our stairway, deck and walkway systems represent the finest in maintenance free metal construction, available today.

Our components are made from top quality galvanized and aluminum materials that are set on deep foundation micro-piles.   The micro-piles eliminate the need to disturb virgin soil and are DNR/DEQ preferred, and Michigan Building Code compliant.

To further enhance your investment, we offer a super tough polyurea coating that is the epitome of attractiveness, stability and durability. This material is made to last.  This polyurea coating is uncommonly strong and available in a wide range of colors. It will not fade, lift or crack, and is heat and slip resistant, ensuring years of worry free protection.

The modular design allows a seamless configuration into any layout plan and is fully adjustable. Unlike wooden structures, our system can be reconfigured at any time whether you would like to expand, re-design, or to meet changing conditions.  Above and below deck storage options are also available.


In my 40 years in the metal fabrication business, I have never seen anything like it. The simplicity and beauty of the design is outstanding, and the polyurea coating is both attractive and incredibly resistant to the elements. Far superior to wood structures which need constant attention, this system is rock solid and just sits there doing its job day in and day out without any special attention. It’s amazing!

James A Krieger
Engineer/Fabrication Specialist
Custometal Products Inc
St. Joseph, MI

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